• BSc. Physical Therapy, King Saud University, KSA
  • MSc. Biomedical Science (Neuroscience), Oklahoma State University, USA
  • PhD. Rehabilitation Science, University of Kansas Medical Center, USA
  • Certified Lifestyle medicine professional. International Board of Lifestyle Medicine





phone: NA

Research Interests & Activity
  • The impact of physical behaviors on health, especially in older adults
  • Promoting healthier lifestyle
  • Assessment tools development in lifestyle behaviors field



Dr. Alothman is currently a research associate I at LHRC, and adjunct assistant professor at King Saud University. She has a broad background in physical therapy, with specific training and expertise in physical behaviors (sedentary behavior, physical activity, and sleep) pathophysiology, treatment, and prevention and their relationships to health outcomes in both health and disease state. Her main research interest revolve around understating lifestyle behaviors relationship with health outcomes. As PI or co-Investigator on several projects, she contribute to felid of physical behaviors by co-developing Saudi national 24-hour movement guidelines, updating lifestyle behaviors prevalence, association with, or effect on health, and developing behavioral interventions to choose and maintain healthy lifestyle in both healthy or in people with chronic diseases. Dr. Alothman has numerous publications in prestigious journals in the field of Lifestyle Medicine, in addition to serving as a reviewer in multiple leading scientific journals.  Research profile:  ‪Shaima Abdullah Alothman – ‪Google Scholar 

Dr. Alothman is a passionate educator, currently she teach master students in Exercise Physiology at King Saud University. Further, she is conducted the training of Lifestyle behavior component in LHRC training program. Lastly, she is a speaker in several workshops in lifestyle and research.