Emanating from the vision of Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University’s portal and its objectives which can simply be conveyed in the university’s efforts to make its electronic portal an effective window to know the University and what it provides of services, in addition to its being an appropriate environment to disseminate knowledge and a field for experience exchange at the local and international levels. This in turn enriches the academic level, and pushes it forward. Since the portal management exerts its utmost effort to provide a high quality service for the beneficiaries, and puts the confidentiality of their information on the top of its priority; therefore, it has defined a number of principles that should be observed by the user of the portal to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of their information. Bearing in mind that such principles in it constitute a document for the privacy and secrecy of information. The visitors’ portal should continuously have a look on the privacy document, and what it contains of terms and principles to guarantee the confidentiality of information to keep up to date with whatever items are added to it. Bearing in mind that the portal management is not required to announce whatever updates such terms and principles go through. Using the portal means that you had a look, and accepted such terms and principles with whatever continuous modifications they go through.

Information Security 
• The document of privacy and confidentiality   of information has been prepared to help visitors and users understand nature of the data collected from them when visiting the portal, and how to deal with it.
• The portal management takes the appropriate procedures and measures to maintain personal information which it held and safely maintain it in a way that guarantees its protection from losses, unauthorized entry, usage abuse, or unauthorized modification or disclosure. Among the most important measures adopted  by the portal management to safeguard the visitor’s personal information are the following:
 Strict procedures and measures to safeguard security of the information and technicality which we use for protection against fraud and unauthorized entry to our systems.
 Regular and periodical update for procedures and regulations of protection which meet or go beyond the standard measures.
 Qualifying and training the portal’s staff to respect the confidentiality of the personal information for the portal’s visitors and female-visitors.
Collecting Information 
• Shortly after the user’s visit to Princess Nora University’s portal, the server of the University registers the IP address of the user, date and time if the visit; and the URL address of any site from which you are forwarded to the University’s portal.
• Most of electronic sites put, having been visited, small file on the hard disk of the visitor’s computer (browser). Such a file is called “cookies”: text files; some of the sites which you visit put them on the hard disk of your computer. Such files contain information making available for the site which put it to restore it ,when needed, through the next user’s visit  for the site; among such save information is :
– Remembrance of user name and password
– Saving customizations of the page in case it is available on the portal.
– Unavailability of voting more than once for the same user.
• The browser may not have to enter the password in every visit, as system of the site will be able to know it through cookies files, also such files prevent the user from re-voting if he already voted in any questionnaires or such-like. Accordingly, the University’s portal use the information on the cookies file for technical purposes related to it, when visited more than once. In addition to this, the portal is able to change the information on the cookies file or to add new information whenever you visit Princess Nora University’s portal.
• If you used a direct application or sent an e-mail to the portal management or any of the University’s departments through the Princess Nora University’s portal to provide us with your personal information, we would share the necessary data with other authorities or departments, to serve you in a more effective way. Bearing in mind that we will not share your personal information with non-governmental authorities unless it was one of the specialized authorities authorized, with providing specific governmental services. Providing your date and personal information via the Princess Nora University’s electronic portal means that you completely accept to store, process and use such data by the Saudi authorities. We always keep the right to disclose any information for specialized authorities, when necessary, to comply with any governmental law, system and inquiry.
• You are totally responsible for the validity and honesty of the data your send via the portal.
Creating an Account on the Portal
• The users’ portal are able to reach some databases or services which are provided by the portal after having username and password, which are determined by in coordination with the portal management or  through direct registration on the portal. The user is able to request to add some personal information or update it. In addition to this, the user is able to modify any of the data of his account, or even cancel it whenever they like.
• Just like any information collected about the users’ portal, the information of the user’s account will be used to verify the user’s identity, and protect their account; moreover, such information can be shared with any other sites affiliated to the Princess Nora University’s portal.
• Collecting any information about the users’ portal serves the scientific and research purposes’ and developing the University’s services in general and the services provided via the portal in particular, which in turn reinforce the relation between the University and community.
Protect Your Privacy
• To be able to protect your personal information, we recommend the following:
• Contact us at once when you suspect that someone enable to have access to your password, usage code or any other confidential information.
• Do not give any confidential information via phone or the internet if you do not know the identity of that person or the one who is to receive the information.
• Use safe browser when you do some transactions via the internet, close all the non-used applications. Make sure that virus protection program is always updated.
• In case you have any inquiries or opinions about the privacy document and what it contains of principles, you communicate with the portal management via the following E-mail:  itc-portal@pnu.edu.sa
• To maintain your personal data, we safeguard the electronic storage and the sent personal data using the proper security technicalities.
• Such portal may contain electronic links for sites or portals using different ways of information protection and their privacy may differ from the methods used by us. We are not responsible for contents, methods and privacies of such other sites. We advise you to refer to the terms of such sites.
Sending E-Mails to the University 
When you inquire or ask about some information or a specific service, or in case you provide additional information using any means of communication of the University whether electronic means or non-electronic ones, for example when you use our site for inquiry. Then, we are going to use your e-mail to reply for your inquiry; furthermore we can save your e-mail, message and our reply to it owing to quality control. Also, we may do that for lawful and monitoring ends.