• BSc, Sports Medicine, University of Glasgow, UK
  • MSc, Sports & Exercise Science & Medicine, University of Glasgow, UK






phone: 01182 44788

Research Interests & Activity
    • Effect of Exercise on Human Physiology
    • Athletes’ Heart
    • Exercise and Performance
    • Sports Injuries



Azad M. Jan is a Research Assistant I in the Lifestyle and Health Research Centre, Health Sciences Research Centre at Princess Nourah bin Abdulrahman University. Azad focused on finding the relationship between blood pressure and left ventricular wall thickness in young professional football players as part of her undergraduate dissertation. For her masters dissertation she investigated the sex differences in cardiovascular measurements in young athletes. She worked as an exercise physiologist in Prince Faisal bin Fahad Sports Medicine Hospital in Riyadh. Moreover, she worked as a business development director in Abyan Medical Company where she managed different sports medicine projects. Through her career, Azad assisted in running different courses related to sports and exercise science and medicine